Eating Pretty

“You are what you eat”

It’s true… Fill your body with junk & gunk and it’s gonna show on the outside as well. “Eating pretty” is about filling your body with natural and nutritious foods which in turn make you beautiful from the inside out. In my opinion, a balanced, healthy diet is one of the key factors in living a happy and fulfilling life.

Over the years I have read countless articles boasting the benefits of certain foods in terms of healthy, radiant skin. Here is a compilation of some foods that I have integrated into my daily diet which have been thought to render beauty benefits.

walnuts, almonds, pistachios

Omega-3 fatty acids: fight inflammation caused by stress and sun damage; helps prevent wrinkles

blueberries, strawberries, acai

Loaded with antioxidants which prevent premature aging of skin

Quercetin: helps even out skin tone

Oranges, lemons, grapefruit

Vitamin C: maintains collagen in the skin

Antioxidants which promote healthy skin, healthy teeth and gums, and strong bones

Omega-3 fatty acids

Zinc: promotes production of collagen and elastin which gives you tighter, firmer skin

Vitamin E: slows aging of skin cells

Selenium: protects again sun damage

Lutein: keeps eyes bright and vibrant

Leafy greens such as spinach, kale, and collard greens are loaded with antioxidants and Vitamin A, which is essential to the turnover of skin cells. The beta carotene found in these greens also protects against sun damage.

You can receive these same benefits from sweet potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, and broccoli, which are all also high in beta carotene.

Spinach also contains Vitamin B, Vitamin C, potassium, calcium, iron, and magnesium.

Lactic acid: promotes skin cell turnover

Calcium: strong bones and healthy teeth

Other “Eating Pretty” tips:

Eat organic. There is much speculation that the added hormones, artificial flavors, herbicides, and pesticides which are found in highly-processed foods may damage cells and alter hormones.

Hydrate. Water helps flush out toxins from your body and keeps your skin moisturized.

Eat yo’ fats Monounsaturated fatty acids, that is. Fat phobia will do you no good, but make sure you’re consuming the right kinds of fats. Avoid over-consumption of saturated fats but 20-35 percent of your daily calories should come from healthy fats. The best ways to get these are avocados, seafood, olive oil, and nuts. Healthy fats are essential to the absorption of essential vitamins and to a healthy immune system.

Sources for further reading:

Self Magazine- The Great Skin Diet

Shape Magazine– Healthy Foods and the Good Skin Diet

Whole Living– Great Recipes for Good Skin


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