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Say Hello to My Little Friend



I got this little bugger for my 21st birthday and so far it’s love. Still trying to figure each other out {I’m a newbie to the DSLR thing} but I’m learning.

It’s the new Canon T3, which is basically the upgraded version of the XS.


Also, check out my new decorative measuring cups from Anthropologie! Another birthday present from my parents… They know me so well Smile My mom and I like to joke about how not age appropriate I am. I mean, seriously, what 21 year old girl gets excited about measuring cups?




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I Love Anthropologie

While I was in Charlotte last Saturday I went in to one of my favorite stores, Anthropologie, to see what damage I could do to my gift card for the store. I love wandering around this store and smelling the burning candles, wishing I had a home in which to decorate all in Anthro, and then wishing I had the money to decorate any room all in Anthro. I found these fun, colorful bowls on sale and walked out with a set of them. Can’t wait to eat a big bowl o’ cereal in one of them!

105_1941 105_1942

105_1945 105_1946

105_1947 105_1948

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A peek into my room

My bedroom is a reflection of my personal style, as everyone’s room should be. It serves as my personal little retreat when I just need some “me” time. Here are some tips on how to turn your room into an abode of serenity.

My Room

Pick a color scheme, then add an accent color: Because my room is a deep purple, dark green is the contrast color that I focused on. I have a dark green vase with fake pink gerber daisies sitting on my dresser. And don’t fear the fake! Plastic flowers are a great way to add color and liveliness to a room.


Get personal: Rip out pictures and/or quotes from magazines that inspire you and hang them on your wall with decorative thumbtacks. The Olsen twins are some of my biggest fashion icons, and I loved this picture of Mary Kate that I found in a magazine- as well as the accompanying quote.



My Marilyn Monroe calendar (love her).


Save pretty containers from things that you bought, and use them for storing small knick-knacks.

A candle that I bought came in a really cute patterned box, so I kept it and started keeping my nail polish in it.

Have your things appear to be more organized by placing them on trays, rather than scattered across your dresser or counter.


Make use of wall space as much as possible.


Scarves, scarves, and more scarves (and belts). I also use wall hangers to display my necklaces.


Pictures are the number one way to make your bedroom all about you. I smile every time I look up from my desk and see goofy pictures of my friends and I.

I stuck two plain cork boards on my wall then pinned pictures on them… A really cheap way to add flair and personalization.


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