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Look of the Day: LUX Lounge

Last night was my very first downtown Rochester experience as a 21+ year old. One of my best friends from home took me to a bar called LUX which was really fun and laid back.

The Outfit

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IMG_0235 IMG_0253

 shirt by Ella Moss
vintage Levi shorts
bandeau from Urban Outfitters
boots by Matisse
pink necklace from Express
fringe necklace from Madewell

LUX was a pretty cool little spot. There was artwork on the walls and a lot of places to hang out both inside and outside. Santino and I both had a couple gin & tonics and talked about how much we love and miss each other 🙂


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Cinco de Mayo Festivities

I went to the gym this morning ready to rock, and rock I did. I ran five miles {hopefully enough to burn off extra Cinco de Mayo calories} then went to Body Pump. I bumped up the weight for a couple muscle groups and am pretty confident I’m going to be feeling it tomorrow.

Muscle Group/ Exercise Weight
Warm-Up 7.5
Squats 15
Chest 5
Back 7.5
Triceps 2.5
Biceps 7.5
Lunges 5
Shoulders 2.5
Abs 10


For lunch I heated up a leftover slice of Mexican pizza from yesterday’s festivities. I also whipped up a banana protein smoothie.



This pizza recipe was a serious winner. My roommate Amber makes the best pizzas ever. Her secret dream is to open up a pizza restaurant one day. I will fully support her in this decision, may Physical Therapy schooling fail her.

Cinco de Mayo just so happens to be one of my favorite holidays of the year. Mostly because it gives me an excuse to eat a stupid amount of Mexican food {a guilty pleasure of mine since the womb…. literally- my mom craved Mexican all the time when she was pregnant with me} and sip on margaritas… “Sip on” being a relative term.

We made a ton of food and invited all of our friends over to help us eat it all. They happily obliged and our leftovers were actually quite minimal.

On the menu:

1. Amber’s Mexican Pizzas- one beef, one chicken


2. Mock-a-Mole- inspired by Bethenny Frankel

3. 6 Layer Bean Dip


4. Tacos

5. Pico de Gallo


6. Strawberry Basil Margaritas

My friends are all really starting to get into my blogging thing. Before eating anything they scream, “aren’t you gonna take a picture of it first?!” Looks like I’ve got myself a little army of blogger elves.



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Some Pics from Last Weekend

Pictures from Artista Vista, an art gallery crawl in Columbia, SC. Afterwards was pizza and beer at Liberty with the girls.

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Roomie-Love pictures from a bar called Locals


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How to throw a themed party

This past winter, my roommates and I decided to throw a Christmas party. We drank, we danced, we devoured, and overall it was a true success. Here are some words of advice for how to throw a party that rocks.

1. Do at least one thing that’s unique and creative.

To get people excited about the party and simply to make people laugh, we made up a poem that was based off of “The Night Before Christmas” but was relative to our event. We included friends and inside jokes in the poem, and had a lot of fun with it. We printed out the poem and hung it on our door so that it served as the focal piece of the night.

2. Presentation is key

It may seem like common sense, but make sure that your house/ apartment/ wherever you’re hosting the party is clean and looks good. You don’t have to do anything too extravagant. I filled champagne flutes with candy and set out some festive cookies (who doesn’t like cookies?!)

3. Invite your closest peeps (this does not mean your entire list of Facebook friends).

Nothing is more annoying than spending your time and energy preparing for a get-together only to find that you don’t recognize half the people at your place. In some cases, the more the merrier, but the majority of the time it’s when you’re with your closest friends that the least drama occurs and the most fun is had.

4. Come up with a drink that goes with your theme.

We made a drink which I have come to name the Big Red (after the gum which is tastes exactly like).

  • 1 part Goldschlagger
  • 1 part peppermint schnapps
  • 2 parts diet lemon-lime soda

We had these drinks in red, plastic martini glasses which we got from Party City. We also stuck a candy cane in each one.

5. Create an awesome playlist.

Have songs that go with your theme, but make sure there is plenty of variety. Obviously, people would have a hard time rocking out hard to “Jingle Bells” all night. We put plenty of modern Christmas songs on our playlist but also made sure to put other upbeat jams on there.

6. Get silly.

Don’t stress about making sure everyone is having a good time because, trust me, if you do this then you won’t have a good time yourself. I believe that taking yourself too seriously is a recipe for a lifetime of unhappiness, so sit back, be silly, and enjoy!

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