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CocoNana Smoothie

This morning I dropped my mom off at work bright and early, took trips to the banks, and got my picture taken at the DMV for my new license (finally!)

It is actually gorgeous weather here in Victor, NY. A serious rarity. However, rain is forecast almost every day for the next two weeks, so I’m trying to enjoy the sunshine as much as I can.

Look of the Day

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sweater from Urban Outfitters

shorts from Gap

necklace from H&M

I ate lunch on the deck so I could watch my beautiful horses, Pixie and Cooper, while I ate.

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Pita stuffed with hummus, spinach, artichokes, and tomatoes + a side of fruit salad- apples, grapes, and raspberries


I went for a 5 mile run around Victor + a 1 mile walk, then slurped down on a new smoothie recipe.

CocoNana Smoothie

    • 1 cup coconut milk
    • 1/2 banana
    • 1/2 cup frozen strawberries

This was my first experience with coconut water. I was a little weary, but the taste is actually surprisingly light and refreshing. Coconut water has many different health benefits and is great for replenishing your body’s fluids after a workout. It is high in potassium and low in both calories and sodium, at only 45 calories per 1 cup serving.

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2 Days Til Home Sweet Home

Two days to go and then I’ll be flying home to Rochester, NY for a couple of weeks before my internship in Charlotte begins. As much as I love my life in Columbia, SC, it always feels good to go home, especially after 5 months without seeing my dog Smile with tongue out.


Today’s workout included a 30-minute elliptical session followed by 25 minutes of strength training.

    • Barbell rows (for back): 30 pound bar; 3 sets 12 reps
    • Bicep curls: 2 sets 12 reps @ 20 pound bar + 1 set 12 reps @ 30 pound bar
    • Tricep extension: 10 pound weight; 3 sets 10 reps
    • Lunges: 10 pound weights in each hand; 3 sets 12 reps; finished each set off with 4 bottom-half lunges
    • Planks: 3 sets 45 seconds
    • Plus some booty shaping moves

For lunch I made my spectacular new favorite sandwich/ wrap recipe. Two pieces of bread spread with 3 Tbsp tomato basil goat cheese, a couple slices of roasted red bell pepper, and a handful wilted spinach, grilled on the George Foreman. I also had a smoothie made with 1 cup almond milk, 1 banana, 1 scoop vanilla protein powder, and a small handful of spinach.


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Cinco de Mayo Festivities

I went to the gym this morning ready to rock, and rock I did. I ran five miles {hopefully enough to burn off extra Cinco de Mayo calories} then went to Body Pump. I bumped up the weight for a couple muscle groups and am pretty confident I’m going to be feeling it tomorrow.

Muscle Group/ Exercise Weight
Warm-Up 7.5
Squats 15
Chest 5
Back 7.5
Triceps 2.5
Biceps 7.5
Lunges 5
Shoulders 2.5
Abs 10


For lunch I heated up a leftover slice of Mexican pizza from yesterday’s festivities. I also whipped up a banana protein smoothie.



This pizza recipe was a serious winner. My roommate Amber makes the best pizzas ever. Her secret dream is to open up a pizza restaurant one day. I will fully support her in this decision, may Physical Therapy schooling fail her.

Cinco de Mayo just so happens to be one of my favorite holidays of the year. Mostly because it gives me an excuse to eat a stupid amount of Mexican food {a guilty pleasure of mine since the womb…. literally- my mom craved Mexican all the time when she was pregnant with me} and sip on margaritas… “Sip on” being a relative term.

We made a ton of food and invited all of our friends over to help us eat it all. They happily obliged and our leftovers were actually quite minimal.

On the menu:

1. Amber’s Mexican Pizzas- one beef, one chicken


2. Mock-a-Mole- inspired by Bethenny Frankel

3. 6 Layer Bean Dip


4. Tacos

5. Pico de Gallo


6. Strawberry Basil Margaritas

My friends are all really starting to get into my blogging thing. Before eating anything they scream, “aren’t you gonna take a picture of it first?!” Looks like I’ve got myself a little army of blogger elves.



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Body Pump + Wrap Happy

I just got back from Body Pump and made the most amazing lunch which I would like to share with everyone. It was a Mediterranean style wrap in a Spinach Flatout.

In the wrap:

    • 3 Tbsp tomato basil goat cheese
    • 1 Tbsp avocado
    • 2 sliced roasted bell peppers
    • 1 artichoke heart
    • Handful steamed spinach

I grilled it on the George Foreman for a minute or two, which melted the goat cheese. It. was. amazing.


I also had a protein shake with 1 cup almond milk, 1 frozen banana, and 1 scoop vanilla protein powder.


At the gym I ran an easy 4 miles before Body Pump to loosen up my somewhat tight muscles.

    • Mile 1: 9:00 pace
    • Mile 2: 8:45 pace
    • Mile 3: 8:45 pace
    • Mile 4: 8:55 pace

I changed up the weights a little bit at today’s Body Pump, increasing weight for my back and decreasing the weights for my wimpy triceps.

Muscle Group/ Exercise Weight
Warm-Up 7.5
Squats 12.5
Chest 5
Back 7.5
Triceps 2.5
Biceps 5
Lunges 5
Shoulders 2.5
Abs 5

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Summer 2011: Day 1

This morning I tried to wake up as early as possible to get my run in before it turned brutally hot. Naturally, I lolly-gagged around for a couple hours and didn’t make it out to the trail until 10:30. I was just about dying out there, drenched in sweat with a rabbit heart beat. It’s crazy how much the heat and humidity can affect your stamina!

I managed to get in 6 miles, but there were a couple of breaks in between. I cooled off at the apartment with a protein shake made with 1 cup almond milk, 1 banana, and 1 scoop vanilla protein powder.

Last night I stopped at Barnes & Noble and spent an hour or so perusing through magazines and cookbooks. I came home with two magazines (Whole Living and Living. Martha Stewart is my savior) and,

dun dun dun…

Tina’s newly released book Carrots ‘n’ Cake, based off of her famous healthy living blog which inspired me to start one of my own.



I’m about to go spend my first day of summer lounging by the pool, workin’ on my bronze. This time with sunscreen!

I plan on zipping through a fair amount of Carrots ‘N’ Cake. I’ve already read through the introduction and first chapter. I’m just so entertained by Tina’s sense of humor and how down to Earth she comes across. I encourage everyone to go pick up a copy of their own!


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Junior Year… Check

Welp. I am officially on to my senior year of college. WOW that goes by fast. It is so strange to think that all I have left is a semester abroad, then a semester with only two classes left when I get back.

This morning I slept in until 10 a.m. which has not happened in a long time. It felt ahh-mazing! I had two chai latte muffins and an iced coffee for breakfast, followed by a chai tea latte a couple hours later. If you haven’t noticed yet, I kinda like chai tea. A lot.

My roommate Amber and I went to a Bodypump class this afternoon. This time I was a little bit more modest in my weight selections. I decided to start off small and work my way up, since in the past strength training has done nothing but leave me wobbly and intimidated.

Here are the weights I used:

reflects the weight on each side of the bar

Muscle Group/Exercise Weight
Warm Up 7.5
Squats 12.5
Chest 5
Back 5
Triceps 5
Biceps 5
Lunges 5
Shoulders 2.5


Although these weights were pretty wimpy, I still felt like a got a pretty good workout. I was definitely feeling the burn. The only one I probably could have gone with more weight on was the back.

After Bodypump I was ravenous, so I went to my favorite sandwich shop in the whole wide world, Which Wich. The options at this place are, quite literally, endless. They have tons of delicious vegetarian options as well, which I love.

You walk in and fill out a paper bag, marking everything that you want on your ‘wich.


I almost always get the black bean patty with avocado and salsa.


Talk about a party on my taste buds!

I chowed down then spent the next few hours studying for my last (and only, baha) final exam. It was for Business Writing and was far from rocket science.

After my exam, I had a celebratory dinner for fro-yo.


Topped with fruit, granola, and chocolate. Whoever said fro-yo doesn’t count as a suitable dinner?

Not I.

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Apple Cinnamon Baked Oatmeal

I woke up really sore this morning from my first Bodypump class. Well actually it was my second, but the first time I went I had no idea what I was doing, was using all the wrong weights, and could not get out of there fast enough. Everyone I know loves that class, though, so I decided to give it another try. I still had to change out the weights a few different times- I tend to get a little ambitious and use weights that are way too heavy for me- but once I start to get the hang of it I think that I will really enjoy it.

I made it a personal goal to make strength training a part of my regular exercise routine, and this week marks its commencement. I went to Pilates on Tuesday and Bodypump yesterday, and I plan on fitting in one more strengthening session this week.

Breakfast this morning was a sweet, savory bowl of baked oatmeal made with applesauce, cinnamon, raisins, and walnuts.

Serves 2


    • 1 cup rolled oats
    • 1 1/2 cups non dairy milk
    • 1/4 cup applesauce
    • 1/2 cup raisins
    • 2 Tbsp walnuts (or your nut of choice)
    • 1 tsp ground cinnamon


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

2. Combine all ingredients in an oven-safe bowl, top with ground cinnamon, and bake uncovered for 30 minutes.

3. Allow 5 minutes for oats to cool, drizzle with a little honey, and dig in!


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