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Hello world!


Let me just take this time to introduce myself in a little more depth. My name is Nichole and I am attending the University of South Carolina with a Fashion Merchandising major. I believe in living life to the fullest… indulging yourself, respecting yourself, not taking yourself  TOO seriously.

The 4-1-1 on my life right now: I am (hopefully) going to be doing an internship this summer before heading off to Florence, Italy for the Fall 2011 semester (YAY!). I will then have only one semester of college left, and who knows where my life will end up after that.

I decided to start this blog to document my adventures in Italy and to keep a personal journal of my life. If no one ever reads this, that’s totally okay. I feel like I have so much going on right now, and writing has always helped me keep my thoughts together.

I will be writing about my greatest loves in life… Fashion, food, fitness, and travel. I’ve got kind of a lot to say about these topics, but LOVE getting feedback about them as well. Feel free to ask any questions or bring up any discussions, and I hope my life is as interesting as I like to pretend that it is :p


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