2 Week Getcha Booty Back in Shape Challenge

I am not even going to try denying to myself that I’ve been, let’s say, “enjoying myself” a bit too much these past couple weeks. I’ve enjoyed a few too many adult beverages and eaten out more than I usually do. I’m still exercising pretty regularly, but I fear that this is not making up for everything else.


SO, I deem these next two weeks at home my Getcha Booty Back in Shape Challenge. I love cooking for the fam when I’m home, so hopefully I’ll be less tempted to eat poorly. Turkey burgs, tacos, and tequila… It’s been fun, but I think we need a break.

Problem Number One: I no longer have access to a gym, but hopefully the weather will cooperate with me enough to take my runs outside. I also hope to acquaint myself with Victor Yoga Studio on multiple occasions these next couple weeks.

Workout Plan:

    • Run 4 days per week
    • Yoga 1-2 days per week
    • Strength train 2 days per week


    • Eat out no more than 2 times per week
    • Alcohol no more than 1-2 times per week (I’m going to aim for 1, but we’ll see…)
    • Cook and eat lots of veggies, whole grains, and fruits!

It’s really easy for me to eat healthy when I cook for myself, because I’m really careful about what I put into my food, and I honestly enjoy and prefer healthy nutritious foods as opposed to processed, greasy crap.


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