The Florestine Collection

Last night, my friend Molly and I went to a viewing of a film called The Florestine Collection. This short 30 minute film takes you through the lives of a filmmaker named Helen Hill, her husband, and their baby, following their move to New Orleans. One day Helen finds some old dresses in a dumpster, deems them “treasure,” and decides to make a film about them. Tragedy hits in the form of Hurricane Katrina, forcing the young family to move back to Helen’s hometown of Columbia, SC temporarily. Eventually, they return to New Orleans, manage to repair the damage done to the dresses and film, and continue on with their lives… Until tragedy Number 2 hits. Helen is shot to death by an intruder. Her husband who is holding on to their baby is also shot, but manages to survive. He takes it upon himself to finish what Helen had started, hence The Florestine Collection.


The viewing of this abstract film felt very personal, as the audience was small and included Helen’s parents who raised her in Columbia. After the film ended, we enjoyed complimentary wine and treats. A table was set up for decorating your own dress-shaped cookies, so Molly and I took it upon ourselves to help clear the table. We each decorated a cookie… then ate it right after, not taking very long to admire our artwork.

105_2626 105_2627 105_2628 105_2629 105_2624

I love getting out and doing different things every now and then. Molly is a PR major and always hears about these fun little outings. We were probably the one two people there under the age of 40, but I had an awesome time and really enjoyed the film.


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