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I dragged my roommates up to Charlotte with me this morning to look at an apartment that I’m subletting this summer. I bribed them with promises of burgers in the form of a restaurant called Cowfish. If you recall, one of my favorite restaurants in Columbia is Takosushi– a combination of tacos and sushi. Cowfish is the Amber version of Takosushi and combines sushi with a wide collection of burger creations. (Amber is my roommate and is notorious for her love affair with burgers).


This was legitimately the most epic meal of the year (yes, all three of us agreed). Although I don’t eat red meat and rarely eat poultry, I decided to go for an Apple Berry Brie turkey burger.


I ordered a side of sweet potato fries, which they messed up but brought out for me ASAP after I mentioned it.


The fries came with some spicy type of dressing which was really good.

Both Amber and Candace ordered the Green Monster burger, although Candace ordered it as a turkey burger instead of beef (she’s a non- red meat eater as well). It came with fried jalapenos, avocado, pepperjack cheese, and spicy cucumbers and it was AMAZING as well.


Generous gal that I am, I helped Candace finish off her side of fried pickles Smile

Not only was the food heavenly, our waiter was really nice and helpful and the manager brought us each a card for a complimentary appetizer as we were leaving. I will DEFINITELY be returning here during my stay in Charlotte this summer, especially seeing as it’s right next to South Park Mall where I’ll be working.


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