the Apartment Hunt

After laying out for a bit, my roommate and I decided to go driving around looking for a house to rent next year. I won’t be there in the Fall, so we’re looking for something with a convertible 4th bedroom… Tricky.

I snacked on a vegan nutrition bar that I picked up from the Charleston Farmer’s Market last week. I bought three, but this one was Pumpkin Spice. The bars are okay, but kind of dry. Essentially, it’s vegan food that tastes like vegan food. Not always a bad thing, but certainly no indulgency.


Amber is convinced that the house that we’ve had our eye on all semester is also the location of a recent shooting which resulted in the criminal being shot to death by SWAT. Her suspicions were further supported by a strip of CAUTION tape that we saw hanging from the back fire escape. We were going to meet the landlord to see the place, but blew him off for the time being.

No way Jose are we dealing with some crazy suicidal ghosts next year!

My dinner was inspired by Caitlin’s post earlier in the day about using hummus as a pasta sauce.


    • Whole wheat pasta
    • 3 Tbsp spinach artichoke hummus
    • a handful spinach, sauteed
    • 1 veggie burger, crumbled
    • a pinch of shredded mozzarella cheese


She is so right! Hummus makes an amazing substitute for fattening alfredo sauce and other cheese-based sauces. Especially if you get a funky flavored kind, like my Spinach Artichoke hummus.

I’m off to do some more reading now! Smile


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  1. Good to know that the hummus is an excellent substitute! I was wondering if it actually was good!

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