turning 21 is bad news, baby

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Thus far, turning 21 has sparked a pattern of days of health-related misbehavior followed by days of self-torture. I will be nothing short of a big ol’ ball of fun then spend the next day trying to make up for it. Because I will NOT fall victim to the post-21 gain. Nope, not if I have to run to the moon and back every day to avoid it (that was a joke, you can laugh now.)

I have also {already} developed a new-found love for beer. And I’m not talking the 64-calorie watered-down crap that they advertise on TV. Naturally I like the heavy, full-flavored stuff. Pass me the porters and stouts please! I have enough self discipline to know that this won’t affect me in epic proportions, but it is definitely going to take a conscious effort.

I think that it’s the combination of turning 21, being {almost} done with classes, and the sun beckoning me out to the pool every day that has caused me to be a little more lackadaisical about exercising. I’m confident it will soon pass and I will get back into my regimen, so for now… Cheers!


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  1. This post made me laugh. Own it, girl 🙂 And by that, I mean when are we going out? 🙂

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