My 21st Birthday

I had so much fun for my 21st birthday and was really glad I got to have my parents there to help me celebrate. My mom and I went to get manicures at Occo Skin Studio in the morning and then we all had lunch at a restaurant called Mediterranean Tea Room. They gave us SO much food and I’m pretty sure I came home with more food than we actually ate at the restaurant. My dad and I shared a greek salad and a vegetarian plate, which came with falafel, hummus, feta cheese, and tabouli salad.


After lunch, we took a walk along the canal- one of my favorite running spots.


Back at the apartment I got into my birthday outfit and opened presents. My roommates got me this adorable zebra print wine glass from Handpicked and a tiara (which I wore all night). They also presented me my sign with a 21 to-do list.

21st 421st 1

21st 6

I have the best parents in the world. THEY GOT ME A DSLR CAMERA FOR MY BIRTHDAYY! I’ve been wanting a DSLR for a while now, especially to have with me on my study abroad adventures this Fall. I have yet to take it out and start playing with it because the past couple days have been super busy. I will definitely be doing some playing around with it tonight though!

21st 9

The celebrations continued at Pawley’s Front Porch, a restaurant featured on the Food Network and famous for its hamburger creations. I sipped on a Woodchuck cider at the bar while we waited for a table.

21st 14

And then had a “pretty drink” after we were seated called Bubble-Licious. The waiter also brought me out a “purple drink” which my family told me to “chug” and make them proud… ??

21st 18

Shenanigans ensued well into the wee hours of the night and it was a blast. I managed to cross quite a bit off of my to-do list, such as sing karaoke, speak French to strangers, and get on a bar. All in all, an extremely successful 21st birthday!


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