Palmetto Half Marathon Recap


Sleep was minimal last night, but my energy and excitement this morning was not. I woke up at 3:30 a.m. and could not for the life of me fall back asleep. I finally got out of bed at 5:00 and found this lovely note my roommates left me.  I just love them to pieces.Smile


I ate a whole wheat bagel spread with almond butter and a banana, as well as coffee with soy milk. I uploaded my new playlist to my iPod and off we went!



It was crazy how pumped up everyone was this morning at the start of the race. I honestly wasn’t the least bit nervous, but was so ready to hit the pavement. The weather ended up being awesome at the start of the race. It was in the 60’s with a slight breeze. At around mile 8 it started raining lightly, and it felt amazing. There were some times when the wind really picked up, but it usually felt refreshing. At around mile 11 (getting down to the last stretch) I saw a big bolt of lightning and heard thunder. Literally 3 minutes after I finished, there was a terrential downpour. THANK YOU MR. STORM FOR YOUR IMPECCABLE TIMING!


I finished my first half marathon in 1:57:31. I had a secret personal goal to finish in under 2 hours, but did not announce this goal a.) as not to jinx myself and b.) to take some of the pressure off of my first race. But I am so happy I was able to achieve my goal!

My family is traveling around the Carolinas this week for my brother’s spring break and decided to pop in for the day.

105_2265_picnik105_2266_picnik 105_2272_picnik

We went to a Columbia Delicatessen called Di Prato’s for brunch after the race. I had a protein-packed huevos rancheros dish- two black bean cakes topped with eggs and enchilada sauce, plus a side of turkey sausage.


I’m exhausted but am so proud of myself and my fellow racing friends for kicking some serious butt on the road. Now it’s time to hang out with the fam for a bit before they head off to explore the Carolinas.


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