Pass the bread please

Breakfast this morning was pretty simple- 2 pieces of toasted Arnold’s multi-grain bread topped with almond butter and 1/2 mashed banana.


105_2228_picnik  105_2229

I also had coffee with stevia and soy milk. I sure do love my Starbuck’s mug!

This morning I had a test in my Retail Buying class. I think I did alright on it, but I’ll find out tomorrow.

I came home and had a lunch of Amy’s Organics tomato soup and 1 piece of toast spread with spinach artichoke hummus and topped with tomato slices.


105_2239  105_2240

I got the spinach artichoke hummus at Fresh Market the other day, and it’s so good! I’m going to use it in place of pizza sauce sometime in the next few days. It’s carb-load time, so I’ve been eating a lot of bread and pizza so far this week. Gotta go easy on the cheese though…

My right calf has been bothering me the past couple days so I’m probably going to be safe and not going running again until the half marathon on Saturday. Which STILL is forecasted for severe thunderstorms and 20 mph winds. urrgggh Sad smile My roommate advised me to just keep stretching and icing it, so that is what I plan on doing all day.

Off to present a group project now!


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