Fitness Guinea Pig of the Day

After getting my gardening on this afternoon, I met my roommate at our school’s Public Health building to serve as her “test subject.” Both my roommates are exercise science majors, so I’m always going to them for health and fitness advice. Today, Amber put me through a “step test” to test my V02 Max- a test of cardiovascular endurance, a variety of strength tests, and a flexibility test. She also measured my blood pressure and body fat percentage. According to her, my blood pressure is pretty ballin’ (97/73) which is relieving since my family has a history of high blood pressure. I was terrified to know my body fat percentage, but it’s about 17% which is perfectly healthy (I knew it would be, I just hated the thought of knowing how much fat my body consists of). The one thing I could really stand to work on, though, is my strength.

I’m gonna be honest with you. I HATE strength training. I would rather run around for 2 hours than pick up a pair of dumbbells. I love doing yoga and pilates and things that require you to use your own body weight, but I just don’t know what to do with myself in a weight room.

I’d like to make it a goal of mine to start lifting weights more often.

After serving as Amber’s guinea pig, I ran 3 miles in 25:50. It felt sooo good to get my run on again. It had been over a week since I’d last gone running!

I made myself a personal pizza for dinner with Trader’s Joe’s whole wheat pizza dough. I added tomato sauce, mozzarella & feta cheese, artichokes, spinach, and herbs that I clipped off of our plants at Outdoor Rec. I put some rosemary, oregano, and thyme on my pizza. I love how herbs can totally transform a pizza into something totally unique and delicious.



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