Master’s 2011 Orientation

Starting this Monday, I will be working the Master’s Golf Tournament in Augusta, GA. The Master’s is the most highly viewed golf tournament in the world, and I am extremely lucky to have the opportunity to work at such a prestigious event. I will be working in the golf shop so if you happen to be there, come say what’s up!

It’s going to be a lot of work- I’m talking 14 hour days for 7-8 days straight and I will be on my feet the whole time. Which also means that exercise (and half marathon training) is going to be put on the back burner this week. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun though, and I’m really excited! Hopefully I’ll get to see some famous people Smile

This morning I had 2 of my cinnamon carrot muffins for breakfast before heading off to a 75 minute hot vinyasa yoga class. I haven’t been to yoga in almost a week so it felt super refreshing.

For lunch: Fro-Yo!


They had green tea tart today at Yoghut, I couldn’t not go. I had granola, blueberries, shredded coconut, and chocolate raspberry bites as toppings.

Then I got in the car and headed off to Augusta for orientation. It was suchh a nice day for a drive- sunny and warm. I jammed out to the new Kings of Leon CD which I happen to be obsessed with at the moment.


Georgia (apparently the site of the 1996 Olympics- woo!) welcomed me with this lovely sign. How nice of them!


I got my uniform and listened to their spiel on working in the merchandising department, then stopped by Starbuck’s for an iced green tea (most refreshing drink evvaaa) and these pomegranate vanilla glazed cashews before driving back to Columbia. Thumbs up to Starbuck’s nuts!

105_2118 105_2119

After getting back to the apartment, I ran an easy 6.5 miles on the treadmill at a 1% incline (took exactly an hour).

Take a look at my official-looking badge for the Master’s. Yup I am a very important person.



For dinner I cooked up some brown rice, sautéed cubes of spicy tofu (I also sprinkled with them with a little bit of cayenne pepper), added a can of black beans, and topped it off with leftover mango salsa. I swear this salsa could transform any dish from blah to BAMM.

105_2125 105_2126



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2 responses to “Master’s 2011 Orientation

  1. Marilyn Rich

    Hi Nikki:
    Saw your dad out walking Jewel, so Moses and I went out to say hi. He told me about your webstie….it is fantastic. I bookmarked it and will tell friends about it. Lucky you at the Masters.
    Marilyn Rich

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