Cantina 76

My friend Kiley flew down from Pennsylvania to visit me this weekend, so we’ve been catching up at some of my favorite restaurants around Columbia. Last night, us and three of our friends went to Cantina 76 for dinner. It is a lighter-fare Mexican restaurant with a self proclaimed “southern twist.” I love this restaurant for its amazing, creative tacos. This time I ordered a roasted chicken taco, a fish taco (which is filled with fried tilapia, jalapenos, and roasted poblano tartar), and a Peruvian shrimp taco (with sweet sesame chili sauce and jalapeno coleslaw).

Everyone else ordered a quesadilla which is topped with a sweet mustard ancho BBQ sauce. Kiley claimed it was “the best quesadilla” she’s ever had. Score!

Another reason to rant about Cantina 76… the margaritas! Many say they’re the best in Columbia. Two of my friends got their classic margarita, but I ordered a strawberry basil margarita. Definitely gonna be making one of these at home!

Good Points: Cute, cozy atmosphere; creative menu; delicious food

Bad Points: You don’t get chips & salsa for free (and the salsa that you do buy comes in a really small bowl); a little bit on the pricy side for what you get ($3 a taco doesn’t include any sides)


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