Ten Miles of Musing

Today was my “long run” for the week and I got to test out my sweet new sneaks! After lugging around in a cheapo $40 pair of sneakers that clearly were not intended for 20-30 weekly miles, I decided to invest in something a little more respectable.

They’re ASICS Gel- Kayanos and they’re pink… so naturally, I’m in love.

To fuel myself up for my 10 miler, I went to Panera Bread and ordered a cup of cheddar broccoli soup, half of a Mediterranean Veggie sandwich, and a whole wheat baguette. If you haven’t tried this sandwich, it’s amazing! They use some kind of pesto sauce and it’s got a really bold yet delicious flavor to complement the veggies.

Then I grabbed a big iced coffee from Starbuck’s before heading off to work 🙂

It was really windy outside today and my earplugs would NOT stay in my ears. (anybody have suggestions for earplugs that stay put?) After adjusting them about 5 different times within the first 30 seconds of my run, I finally ripped them out and put them away.

It was just gonna be me and my thoughts for the next ten miles… Oh boy.

Here are some of my more remarkable thoughts throughout the duration of my run:

  1. Damn my breathing does not sound cute.
  2. What if my hair band and bobby pins fall out during the half marathon… that would be so distracting and ruin my performance which could, in turn, have a profound impact on the rest of my life…
  3. … I hope I don’t get thrown into an Italian prison while I’m studying abroad.
  4. …….I wonder what kind of beer my roommates have waiting for me at home

My last two miles were completely uphill… which sucked. But my thoughts and I made it and I have come to the conclusion that if I can run 10 miles without music, I could probably conquer the world as well.

I stopped by Yoghut for a protein smoothie of tropical-y deliciousness then went home to a pair of roomies screaming “Eat! Eat! You need protein! So you can have big strong muscles!” (If I were reciting this in person, it would be in an Arnold Schwarzenegger accent).



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4 responses to “Ten Miles of Musing

  1. Jamie Dunst

    I love your writing. I really do.

  2. Jamie Dunst

    Oh btw….duct tape (Home Depot or Wal Mart) works to hold in the ear plugs/buds. It’s what I use when I race. May look funny though : )

  3. Laura Engert

    I wish I could “like” these comments … but this website is not facebook obviously … *sigh*

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