Portland, Maine

Last summer, my dad and I took a trip to the coast of Maine and stayed in the city of Portland. The city is a very up-and-coming culinary locale and a perfect place for the foodie- like me. I wish I could have stayed longer and tried more restaurants, but I was extremely satisfied with the places we did have a chance to visit.

Our first dinner was at Portland Lobster Company. I wanted to try one of Maine’s famous lobster rolls, and my dad ordered a full steamed lobster dinner. My lobster roll wasn’t everything I thought it would be, but then again I’m not a huge lobster fanatic in the first place. At this restaurant, you ordered your food inside a small building then went outside to claim a picnic table. There was live music playing, as well as a full bar. It had a very fun and laid back atmosphere and sat right on the water.

Next day consisted of some shopping followed by a trip to the Portland Museum of Art. I’m more of a fan of contemporary art than I am of historical art, but the museum had some great exhibits and served as a chance to get out of the summer heat. I went in several fashion boutiques but spent my money at a Stonewall Kitchen store instead. Stonewall Kitchen lets you sample all of their products, which is extremely dangerous!

We had dinner that night at a restaurant called Havana South and I had one of the best meals of my life. We started off with a corn empanada and a ceviche dish, then shared a plate of “jumbo scallops.” The atmosphere was upscale and eclectic, and the building was situated on a beautiful no-cars-allowed cobblestone road.

Later that night, we stopped at a small cafe called Mornings in Paris. I ordered a big ol’ mug of chai tea for “dessert” and tested my French language skills while flipping through some French magazines that they had laying around.

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