Sunny Days in South Carolina

I have had a can of yams sitting in my pantry for longer than I can remember, and I had no idea why I bought them or what to do with them. This morning I was feeling especially brave, so I finally opened up the can and TA-DA… just some yummy ready-to-eat sweet taters. Not nearly as scary as I thought. I decided to add it to my oatmeal and it was the best decision I’ve made so far today. I used 1/2 cup quick oats, 1 cup almond milk, about 1/3 cup of the canned yams, and some cinnamon. Great way to start the day.

A high of 87 degrees and hardly a cloud in the sky meant only one thing… POOL! I just came into make myself some lunch and realized how badly I need to go to the grocery store. I improvised with what I’ve got and made a plate of nachos with blue corn chips, fat free cheese, roasted red bell peppers, onions, and black bean & corn salsa.

Time to go back out into the sunshine now 🙂



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2 responses to “Sunny Days in South Carolina

  1. cmahannah

    remember that time when I enlightened you about YAMS! haha! Parker makes some oatmeal with pumpkin pie filling, and it sounds equally delicous!

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