Happy St. Pats!!

So I decided to sign up for the Palmetto Half Marathon with a little encouragement from my friend/ coworker Meredith today. Running a half marathon as my first race is a pretty bold decision, I’m aware, but I’ve been running close to 13 miles so I think with a little more conditioning I can do it. I believe in me!! It’s on April 16th, so I only have a month to get ready. After getting out of work, I drove my booty to my favorite running spot (the Columbia Canal) and knocked out a 12 mile run… And I’m gonna be honest, my legs are feeling like jello.

To sign up for the Palmetto Half Marathon, go here.

I decided to celebrate both my run and this wonderful holiday with a green tea protein shake. Yummmm….

I made it with 1 1/2 cups of almond milk, 1 tbsp matcha green tea (which is great for baking as well), a whole banana, a scoop and a half of vanilla whey protein, and a handful of ice cubes. It made a LOT, but hey I just burned some serious calories!

On an even better note, it’s officially the weekend for me. Time to go celebrate the little green man with some friends and brewski! … Fave new beer is an “Oatmeal Porter” by the Highland Brewing Company based out of Asheville, NC. My roommate finds it amusing that my obsession with oatmeal has now carried over to alcoholic beverages. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all!!



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2 responses to “Happy St. Pats!!

  1. cmahannah

    this is so cool! I love oatmeal porters. Best of luck in your race.

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