Day of Rest & Eats

After running 10 miles (for the first time ever!) on Monday, then a 5 mile run and Pilates class yesterday, I decided to give my limbs a break for a day. Lately, I’ve been running like a fiend and I can really start to notice my endurance building up. I would like to enter a race sometime in the near future, probably a 10k to start out with. I just need help finding a good one to sign up for.

I stopped at the local health food market for lunch today, and loaded up my plate with a salad as well as an uber-delicious veggie concoction of corn, black beans, sweet potatoes, and peppers.

Since I don’t go to Earth Fare on too regular of a basis (it’s super expensive, and I’m a poor college student!), I decided I couldn’t leave without grabbing a Synergy drink. Let me introduce you to this wonderful, bottled bizarreness. It tastes somewhat like flavored vinegar but claims to have loads of health benefits and I just feel so clean and revived after I drink it. My favorite flavor is Cosmic Cranberry. I’ll admit, the “Multi-Green” kind of tastes like you’re drinking out of an acidic pond, but some of their other ones are really pretty tasty! I love this stuff almost as much as I love the faces my roommates make after I make them try it :p


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